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New models added to our Bootute fitment range

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With the plethora of SUV's being added to the market, we have updated our fitment chart inc:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Porsche Panamera Sport  Turismo (Concept at this stage)

Range Rover Velar

Skoda Kodiak

Toyota C-HR

If you find one we have missed, please let us know.

When you have junk on the roof - it's too late!!

We love cars at Bootute - all cars.We like to use our vehicles for all of the chores around the home and sometimes this means the boot can get a bit messy.  We don't have the time to clean it out every time we use it so we developed the Bootute which allows us to [...]

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Bentley Bentayga Bootute

With the release of the new Bentley Bentayga fast approaching, we felt it best to update our shopping cart to include a Bootute to suit.What better way to keep the 15 way adjustable leather (14 hides from southern german bulls per vehicle) on the seats (each one made by Bentley in house by a team [...]

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Sofia Vergara damages her Range Rover Sport

Let's face it, it is not hard to damage your vehicle, even the stars do it!Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara recently had an incident with a hungry kerb when out to lunch in Beverly Hills and ripped a door trim off of her Range Rover Sport.Accidents happen, but when it comes to the inside of [...]

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Life after Bootute

I saw a sad sight on the way to an appointment recently.I have often wondered what has happened to the many trailers Bootute has put out of service and I was encouraged to see that some have found ongoing work as mobile billboards. Whilst some may say sitting at the side of a busy [...]

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Happy Bootute Customer

We were concerned that a customer had purchased the wrong Bootute size when they re ordered a small a few days after taking delivery of a large.As it turns out there was no cause for concern as our customer was so impressed with his Bootute he boughtone to fit his daughter's car as well.He kindly [...]

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Is Bootute working with you this weekend?

     When you take 14 x 1.8 m Star Pickets, a roll of temporary fencing and a drop hammer it can only mean a hard weekend ahead. Star Pickets have this gunky black coating on them and if they touch the upholstery in your car, the result is not pretty. Bootute [...]

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Boot liner from Bootute - last chance to get one for Christmas

With tomorrow the last day for Christmas deliveries to Express Post postcodes, we have Bootutes criss crossing the nation tonight destined for a Christmas tree near you. Remember, tomorrow is the last day to get yours sent out via Express Post. Say "I love you" in a whole new way this Christmas with [...]

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Bootute bootliners about to line the boots of Canada

We have just sent our first Bootute Boot Liner to Canada for some serious winter testing in Whistler, British Columbia.I am sure Bootute will provide some linguistic exercise for our Canadian friends as they pronounce "about" as "aboot" so I would love to be there when someone says: "I am thinking about a Bootute Boot [...]

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Another Bootute boot liner heading for a Christmas tree near you

Off to the Post Office again today with more parcels for pre Christmas delivery. Courier close off is getting close now and had one for Wollongong today - cut off for Sydney Courier is the 22nd? What to do? Nah, let's Express Post it and put a smile on our customer's dial [...]

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